Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holcomb's in Greensboro, GA.

Holcomb's Bar-b-Que, Greensboro. Debbie and I were enjoying a 32nd wedding anniversary weekend at Lake Oconee when I just "happened upon" Holcomb's. I did a u-turn in the funeral home next door and wheeled into the joint. A couple of folks had recommended Holcomb's, so I had it somewhere on the radar screen, so when I just happened upon the joint around lunch time I figured we needed to check it out despite just the previous day we had gone overboard at the fabulous Fox Brothers in Atlanta.

Holcomb's is not a high volume joint, but it is one of those places worth visiting at least once. Holcomb's is located in a converted gas station just west of quaint downtown Greensboro. You can order up two ways at Holcomb's. You can place your order at the walk up window or you can go inside and dine in what is the dining room converted from the auto repair bays that once saw oil changes and tune ups being the order.

Holcomb's menus is rather light, but the bbq is quite good and priced well below the metro area bbq joints. I ate a rather light lunch this day due to the previous day's pigging out at Fox Brothers, but I had to do a bbq sandwich. The sandwich was a pretty typical chopped bbq on a bun with the sauce on the side. There is only one sauce at Holcomb's, and it is a thin, vinegar based sauce typical of a North Carolina style. The dining area, was lightly decorated with some Bulldog and Georgia Tech memorabilia. When you dine there, you are most likely going to be joined by a few locals and deer hunter's dressed in camo if it is during the fall months.

Debbie really enjoyed the extra sweet pickles on the table while I sampled the really good barbecue that was clean and adequate in portion size. While I really can't give Holcomb's much more than a 3 on the 5 point scale, it is a good stop for a cheap lunch that will scratch the bbq itch. You can go down towards Lake Oconee and spend 10 times more on whatever you want to eat, but Holcomb's is the latest on the list of Georgia bbq joints that needs to be on everyone's "at least once" stops!