Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Brisket House, Houston, TX.

The Brisket House. Houston, TX.

One of the things on our to do list while in Houston was to once again experience some good Texas BBQ. Much is boasted about who has the best Bbq, and our previous trips to Texas have always had good BBQ but clearly there has not yet been anything that would lead me to claim that Texas BBQ is better than that available in the southeast. Yes, perhaps the brisket may be more readily available in Texas, but it is often hard to find pulled pork!

Debbie and I ordered ourselves the 3 meat plate at Houston's The Brisket House. After navigating two airports and a 20 mile taxi ride we were ready for some good BBQ. A little about this joint The Brisket House breaks a couple of desired rules as first of all it is in a strip mall despite that, it is cute, clean, and a good little joint to sit down in for q.

Our 3 meat selection included brisket, sausage, and pork ribs. The sides we ordered were cold slaw and mashed sweet potatoes. While the sides and the selection of them left something to be desired, the meats were awesome. The sausage was hot, spicy, and exceptional. The brisket may honestly be the best I've ever had. Debbie kept saying "it just falls apart". A combination of succulent meat with some burnt ends and I was in brisket heaven. The ribs were actually very good as well. The meat, what there was on them, pulled nice and cleanly from the bone. The sauce was actually a good vinegar and tomatoe based, but you had but one choice.

Overall, this was a good experience, but on the next trip, there are plenty of other BBQ joints to try out in Texas.