Thursday, July 16, 2015

Angel's BBQ. Savannah, GA

Angel's BBQ, Savannah, GA.

Summers in Savsnnah can be brutally hot. July 2015 was one of those summer months that was hotter than normal. I was there attending a conference, and the urge for bbq surged. A friend had told me about a little joint off of the beaten path in the historic district. I did a couple of google searches and figured the place must be Angel's.   I walked the nearly two miles in the sweltering heat hoping that the effort would be worth it.
I arrived dripping in sweat and made my way into the little joint that was old, small, and brimming with character. I ordered at the counter my typical BBQ sandwich and one side. They didn't have Brunswick stew, so I chose baked beans. The lady who took my order, the co-owner, told me she would bring me my order. I sat at the smallest of the three tables in the place. I filled up several small sauce cups with several types including a peanut sauce, sweet, Angel drops, and house.  I tasted them all, and honestly found each uniquely good. My order came out quickly. I sampled the beans. They were good. Can't say they were the best I had ever had, but they were certainly large in portion size.
The sandwich was very large in size. The pulled BBQ pork was was clean and had an attractive appearance. There was enough BBQ that I could try all the sauces as well as have it plain.
I chatted with the owners about their business and our love for BBQ. They shared that just yesterday they had celebrated their 10 year anniversary in business.
Angels is a bit hard to find. Not much to look at when you get there, but clearly a place you should try when in Savannah.