Saturday, August 22, 2009

Williamson Brothers Barbecue, Marietta. Wow. The friend who suggested Williamson Brothers was spot on. We journeyed across East Cobb following the GPS directed navigation to Williamson Brothers. When Debbie and I pulled into the parking lot (not the door, etc., we were greeted with the fabulous aroma of pork on a "REAL" smoking operation. I mean we had not even let the windows down or gotten out of the truck! Upon opening the doors and moving toward the joint, which it truly is, we were enveloped in an cloud of smoke filled with flavors of oak and pork. We walked in the rather dark but welcoming place and were quickly seated and then waited on by one of the nicest young waitresses ever. She seated us next to three bikers who were well leathered and weathered. I promise one of them looked like Charlie Daniels. We placed our orders from the expansive menu and I wandered off the men's room where I got to walk right by the open, stacked brick smoker where I saw some of the best looking pork shoulders in various stages of their fate. By the time I got back to the table, the food was already there. Now that was fast. The barbecue sandwich was of two meal size, and man it was good! It was pulled style pork lightly sauced with their famous sauce. I started first with the stew which was a great sized, well spiced, and sufficiently meaty stew that would have been enough for lunch, but the barbecue was tops. Deb's fries were just so so, but we both gave the barbecue 5 stars. When done, the Charlie Daniels looking biker (whose picture I took without finding myself thrown through a plate glass window) told the waitresss, "mam, that was the best barbecue sandwich I ever had." He aint far from the truth. I'd bet he's never been to some of of my other joints like Scott's or the Smokin' Pig, but I bet he's got a few under his leathers that I haven't hit either. Thanks Leigh Ann for recommending this place! I even have Christmas ideas for a couple of my best friends! Oh, I forgot to mention one of the great character additions to this joint is a wonderful collection of mounted animals including a full sized wild turkey, fox, and other creatures that put my mind deeply into the woods of South Central Georgia.

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