Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dogs and Hogs, Dawsonville, GA

Dogs and Hogs, Dawsonville, GA. Bikinis, Bikers, & Barbecue! Dogs and Hogs is a long time Dawsonville favorite. Sitting right on the corner of where everything (if anything) is happening in Dawsonville, is this place that surely qualifies as a "joint". On my couple of trips there, yep, there were bikers and even diner in bikinis. I promise I didn't look (long) though! This is Dawson Counties traditional joint. Stepping into D & H is like stepping back in time 50 years. It really appears that the place looks much like it did when it opened years ago. You step up to the counter, place your order, and in a few minutes they'll be out with a great Q joint meal. Of course, you've also got to try the Dawsonville Pool Room though for some of the most fattening, greasy food you will ever eat complete with a museum of old time NASCAR memorabilia honoring the sport in this county and especially Awesome Bill! While dining in Dogs and Hogs, you are sure to be entertained. Sitting right on a busy corner, for some reason this is a hot spot for antique cars to pass by every weekend. Our weekend trip there was no exception. The barbecue here is well worth the money, mainly cause the prices are very reasonable and the pulled pork is good. The stew is really a nice mix. It's a nice balance between vegetables and meat. So, my suggestion is that if you are headed up to the mountains or the Georgia 400 Outlet Mall, Dogs and Hogs is at least a do it once kind of place. You'll enjoy the barbecue, and you'll enjoy being entertained in one of Georgia's towns that is reminiscent of Mayberry!

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