Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blind Pig BBQ, Jackson, GA

Blind Pig BBQ. "Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then!? Blind pig is an acorn worth searching for!!! There are signs all around Jackson, GA advertising the Blind Pig, but honestly, it can be a trick to find! Clearly, though, it is a joint worth searching for. If you are a with a lady, when you drive up to the Blind Pig, they'll probably say something like "so cute". It is a nice looking little joint that is very clean. The dozen or so cars there sported tags from all across Georgia, so it is a place that has been discovered across the state. It has even been rated in the top 5 in Georgia by Atlanta Magazine. I'm not going to be that generous by any stretch of the imagination, but it is worth trying as an alternative to Fresh Air. The Pig sits just a few miles away from Lake Jackson. As mentioned before, it is a clean little joint that gets extra consideration for that accomplishment. The interior decorations are rustic and accommodating including the big screen tv in the middle dining room that was featuring Adam Richman on Man vs. Food!!! Deb and I ordered up the bbq sandwich and I got a stew on the side. My total bill came to only $12.56 which ranks it among the best values in bbq dining in GA. While we waited for our food we took in the rather "cute" decorative atmosphere as well as enjoyed a few of the complimentary salted peanuts in the shell.

Our food came out rather quickly, and we had already lined up the sauces which were labeled rather crudely "regular", "hot", and "hurtin hot". I tried all three of the sauces but settled in on the "regular". The "hurtin" wasn't really that bad, so if you like the hot stuff, pour it on!!!

The bbq sandwiches were fairly portioned but nothing to write home about. The bbq was clean and very good, but once again, it wasn't a knock your socks off kind of experience. The stew was quite good with an adequate portion size, but it wasn't the best that I have ever had.

The Blind Pig is definitely worth a stop if you are in the Lake Jackson area. I still rank Flovillla's Fresh Air as the king of Butts County BBQ and perhaps the king of all joints from Monroe County up to South Atlanta, but for a pleasant bbq dining experience near the lake, The Blind Pig is worth a stop....if you can find it!!!

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