Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smokin Gold BBQ, Dahlonega...New Location!

Smokin Gold BBQ, Dahlonega, GA... New Location!!! Debbie and I had found the original Smokin Gold location a couple of years ago on one of our motorcycle rides through the mountains, but when we ran across the new SG location in downtown Dahlonega, we knew that bbq would be on our agenda for the day trip to Dahlonega. On the weekend before Christmas 2011, we had ventured north for a final opportunity to Christmas shop in beautiful downtown Dahlonega. Of course, shopping can really build up an appetite, so as long as I knew bbq was on my the schedule, I could keep a pretty good frame of mind while we shopped.

As pictured, up and running out in front of the new location were Dan Dieterle's Big Green Eggs that were really being used to smoke the bbq. The location is absolutely perfect for Dahlonega, and with a slight southern wind, the streets of Dahlonega will smell a bit like bbq being smoked. On my previous trip to SG, Dan had told me all about his great burnt end brisket, so that had been in the back of my mind. When we walked in the door, on their specials board was the traditional pulled pork sandwich special along with a burnt end brisket sandwich special. While the waitresses will bring you your food, you have to place your order at the counter. Debbie decided to go for the pork sandwich and Brunswick stew while I opted for the burnt end sandwich. We had barely gotten our drinks fixed when the waitress brought our meals. So while SG doesn't get bonus points for crushed ice, they do for quick service time.

Both sandwiches were very generously adorned with meat. Debbie's pork sandwich, though already lightly sauced was a great looking sandwich. We really like their touch in having lightly toasted the buns. My burnt end sandwich was DIVINE!!! The large, tender chunks of brisket were moist, flavorful, and easily pulled apart with just a gentle pull. The smoke ring was just about perfect. It was really a larger sandwich than it had to be, and we were both happy with our selections. Debbie tried the brisket (for perhaps the first time in her life), and she actually liked it better than the pulled pork. I tried her pork, and honestly, it would be a hard decision to rank one over the other. SG's Brunswick stew is ok, and I'd give it a middle of the road ranking. It was a bit disappointing that the temperature of the served product was less than preferred. I'm not sure if they were rushing or if the temperature had just not reached a sufficient warm up temperature. Overall, the taste and appearance was just between average and slightly above.

I am pulling for SG to be one of North Georgia's hottest bbq joints in due time. The location, friendly folks, and great food put this as a must do while in Dahlonega.

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