Friday, February 12, 2016

Where There's Smoke, Meansville, GA

Where There's Smoke. One of the perks of having a job where I get to travel the entire state is that I get to visit new Bbq joints on a regular occasion.  Today gave me an opportunity to do just that, and it was a stop worth reporting. AJ and I decided to take the scenic route back from Gainesville. After missing a joint in Winder, we thought we'd find one in Monroe or Social Circle. That didn't pan out, and we'd about decided to just swing back through Flovilla to the original Fresh Air. As we slowed down going through Meansville, we saw today's stop. We made the quick decision to try it out.

We parked out back, right beside the smokehouse where the old style smoker was emitting the wonderful smell of Bbq enhanced smoke. Upon entering Where There's Smoke, it was much like stepping back in time 50 years!  The waitress was friendly enough and I quickly picked out my usual first joint visit order of a sandwich and stew. AJ got both a sandwich and a hamburger in order to see how the burger compared to our beloved Scott's in Cochran.  While waiting, I sampled spoonfuls of their 3 sauces:  original, South Carolina Mustard, and the first I'd ever tried Sweet Heat that was made with molasses.  Now that was a treat!

The orders came out quickly enough.  The sandwich had a great portion of attractive pulled pork. The stew had a good appearance, and it's taste did not disappoint. It wasn't too heavy with either potatoes or tomatoes.  The pork was awesome. I tried it with all 3 sauces and then just blended them all together.

Overall, I have to give both the pork and stew scores of 4.5 out of 5. As much as for any reason, this by chance finding was a gem that I hope to revisit some day.

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