Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Cue Barbecue- Milton/Alpharetta

'Cue in Milton. 'Cue Barbecue is a new joint having just opened in June of this year. 2009 was a tough year for people trying to open up a dining establishment, but if the quality of today's dining experience continues, this joint can be around for along time. We'd passed 'Cue a few times as we occasionally travel up and down Highway 9 between Cumming and Alpharetta and had seen 'Cue a few times. I still can't tell you where Milton begins and ends in relationship to Alpharetta, but I do know every barbecue joint from the mountains to downtown Atlanta! I'd gotten some pretty good recommendations on the place, so this afternoon led me and Debbie down to try this place out....and man, I am glad we did.

First, I've had to get over the bias against joints in "strip malls." 'Cue is located in a small strip mall, but once inside, you don't feel like you are in one. The joint is nicely decorated and even has a couple of televisions for watching sporting or other events. The place was really hopping, but we got in and were waited on by a very accommodating waitress named Jennifer. Jennifer gave us a good overview of the menu and knew the product quite well as she described the two sauces (one sweet and one thin and vinegar based) as well as the various meats and sides. Debbie decided on a pork salad and I got my traditional first visit order of a pork sandwich and brunswick stew. Now one thing that is unique about 'Cue is that EVERYTHING (except the cola's and other bottled beverages) is home made. Even the bread on my sandwich and the bread and butter pickles on the side were home made. Before getting to the barbecue review, I gotta tell you that the bread was to die for.

When our orders arrived in pretty quick time frame, we were pleased right off the bat. Debbie's pork salad was as beautiful of a salad as you would ever want to see. The barbecue on the top was well portioned, clean, pretty, and had just a slight mix of bark on a few pieces of the barbecue...just like we like it. He summation of the salad was that "it was the best bbq salad I've ever had (and she's had to have a number of them with me)." My barbecue sandwich was well portioned with barbecue between two pieces of home made bread (did I mention that it was to die for?). While I tend to like the pulled pork being not quite as chopped as this, the flavoring of the pork rivaled the best around!!! With the sauce being on the side (once again, just like we like), I was able to dress up my bbq to my liking. The brunswick stew was unique. A lot of folks' stew is similar to everyone elses, but there are a few places whose stew stands out as being different (like Scott's in Cochran). This stew was not a heavy tomato base but was more of a broth based that was very good. The meat base contained both pork and chicken (my philosophy too, throw in whatever ya got), and the vegetables in the mix included whole kernel corn and baby butterbeans. Insider information has it that the brunswick stew is made from a pork rib stock, and I will tell you, it is awesome. The stew with a piece of bread on a cold, rainy afternoon will leave you warmed all afternoon long!!! I really loved the stew, but next time I'm going to try out their collard greens which when described by Jennifer had me on the brink of wavering from my initial decision of a cup of stew.

All in all, I'm going to give 'Cue a great 4+ out of 5 rating. While I didn't get the opportunity to meet the owners/operators, I did learn a little about them which adds to the intrigue of 'Cue. 'Cue's half owners are former partners with Swallow at the Hollow just down the road in Roswell. With that in their background, you know these folks know a little about both barbecue and the restaurant business. You can find out more about 'Cue at their website at

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  1. Mmmmm...
    Normally, I'm all about the pulled pork, but was feeling adventurous on my first trip to Cue'and went with the BBQ chicken nachos- AMAZING!