Saturday, February 14, 2015

Central BBQ - Memphis

Central BBQ - Memphis. 

Memphis, as we well know, is famous for BBQ.  We had never been to Memphis, so on this Valentines Weekend 2015, Debbie and I struck out for a nearly 500 mile ride to check out Memphis' bbq, blues, and attractions.  A few Google searches suggested that Central may be the best bbq joint in town.  So after sort of sifting through the options, Central was the choice.  Oh my...quickly to the point!  Best ribs ever!!!  We ordered a 3 meat plate that included pulled pork, brisket, and ribs.  The two sides we got were beans and slaw. 
Central BBQ is a quaint joint with several dining rooms.  It is located south of the main part of Memphis right across from the National Civil Rights Museum.  Just as had been the case at the previous day's bbq joint, you place your order at the counter as you walk in.  If you are not early, plan on standing in line.  Many from the area as well as tourists will stop in Central on any given day.  You can check the plate of food out in the picture, but oh my, quantity was awesome.  Now beans and slaw were good, but not of the "best ever" category.  The brisket was very, very good.  The sauces going with the meat range from a "warm" mild, to a very spicy mustard, a fairly "hot" hot, and a vinegar based sauce that would make North Carolinians proud.  Now I try to shoot straight on my blogs without being critical, so I'll basically say that the pulled pork was good and in fact above average.  The winner, and I mean by far, was the ribs.  We got an order that was half dry and half wet.  Oh my.  Seriously, these were  exceptional.  The meat was "fall off the bone."  While I think I do a pretty good job on ribs, these were perhaps the best I've ever had. 
So, when you go to Memphis, be sure you check out the ducks at The Peabody, you catch a little blues down on Beale Street, and by all means, find time to dine at Central BBQ which certainly gets my vote for one of the best and most unique joints ever.

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  1. Wow! It looks like you guys had a grand time. Eating your hearts out on one of the great BBQ restaurants in Memphis is a great way to celebrate a Valentines weekend. Anyway, have you any plans on going back to Memphis? In any case, I’m glad that you’ve shared this with us. Thanks!

    Hector Keller @ Shorty Small’s