Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saw's BBQ - Birmingham

Saw's BBQ.  Birmingham, AL.  February 12, 2015.   Hidden in the southern suburb of Birmingham known as Homewood, Saw's BBQ is truly one of the best little joint's I've ever eat at! 
Debbie and I were on our way to Memphis, and Birmingham was a perfect spot to stop off for lunch.  The place is somewhat off of the beaten path, but many beat the path to get lunch their daily.  We got there before 11:30 (weird Alabama time) just before the crowd.  Before we finished our lunch, the crowd was out the door with many opting to go elsewhere.  This little joint features "walk up to the counter" type of service.  We placed our order of the typical first joint visit of a sandwich and stew.  Debbie, of course, opted for slaw as her side.  The place is well adorned with lots of University of Alabama memorabilia including pictures of Bear Bryant, Nick Saban, and every coach in between.  Our lunch was out fairly quickly.  It didn't take Debbie long to proclaim that "this is the best bbq I've ever had".  I was trying out the Brunswick stew while she was savoring the bbq.  The stew was pretty good, but I wouldn't rank it the best I've ever had.  It was a good looking stew with good color and consistency.  The taste was very good as well.  We got a side of Alabama white sauce with our bbq mainly because we seldom get that option in Georgia.  The bbq, as Debbie had said, was exceptional.  I would have bbq in two more well known joints over the next two days, and frankly, as good as they were elsewhere, to date, Saw's is surely one of the best I've ever had.  It's no wonder that the Birmingham area has voted Saw's best in the area!

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