Friday, July 24, 2009

Blue Ridge Mountain Barbecue, Blue Ridge, GA: We snaked up through north GA on the cycle up Old Federal Highway, throught Tate, Jasper, and Ellijay to wind up at BRMB. This was a buzzing little joint with a small dining room but rockers and tables on the front porch. It was a pretty easy selection as they had the daily special for $4.99 that included a sandwich, home fried chips, and a drink, but we both upgraded our sides to Brunswick stew and home cut fries. While you wait for just a short time, you can munch on a smoked chicken spread and crackers that is good enough for a meal if you wanted. The sandwich was one of those jumbo things with bbq spilling out all sides of an already oversized bun. The stew was a bit on the small side, and it was a good traditional stew that hit the spot. Debbie right off the bat gave 'em high marks for some of the best fries around, and they also gave you a pickle spear in the basket which is always a nice addition to a bbq lunch. The barbecue, once again generous in proportion was chipped, but not too finely which is about like we like it. We had to try out 3 of the sauces: mustard based, sweet, and hot. Having the sauce "on the side" gives us a good chance to taste the quality of the bbq before it gets smothered in sauce, and it was good even without the sauce. All of the sauces were winners. No telling how many folks came in while we were there. There were at least 5 other biker types, families, girly groups, and old guys (like Clyde) who came in and out while we were there. All in all, a good joint to visit sitting on East First Street right across from "Sue's Best Burger in Town." We highly encourage the stop, but frankly, you can eat BBQ all up Highway 515 from Jasper to Hiawassee. Haven't found a bad one on that stretch of road yet!

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