Friday, July 24, 2009

Dreamland, Roswell/Alpharetta

D and I did Dreamland in Roswell today. OK, I really don't know where Roswell ends and Alpharetta starts, but one thing for sure, this is one more awesome bbq joint. The Big Daddy Sandwich is enough for 3 meals. As an added bonus, their indoor pit is totally observable from the dining area of the joint. You can see the pork being cooked right there while you eat. The pit has wood firing from the bottom and smoke pumped down from the top. Pick up a bottle of sauce when you leave for just $5 and get a plastic "to go" cup when you leave, and you can remember Dreamland for weeks and "dream of good bbq" without adding calories. It truly is one of Georgia's best bbq joints in the city.

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