Friday, July 24, 2009

Smoke Jack, Alpharetta, GA

I never cease to be amazed that all throughout the metro Atlanta area, you can find some outstanding BBQ joints. Smoke Jack in Alpharetta is one of those. Great bbq right on Main Street. The place smells like a bbq joint from the street and when you walk in the door. The pulled pork has great flavor and consistency. The NC style sauce is good even if you are not a mustard base fan. I had collard greens as a side, and they are seasoned up good and have a little kick to them. I tried their "burnt ends" which are cubes of well done gotta try them. The meal is advanced by a basket of corn kernel corn muffins which are fantastic. One warning, if you order baby back ribs, go ahead and get a take out box. The serving size is enough for 3 people. Thanks NGMR's for the experience.

Smoke Jack is also opening up a location on Post Road in western Forsyth County in 2009, and we can't wait!

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