Friday, July 24, 2009

Smokin Gold, Dahlonega

Smokin Gold owned by Dan and Laurie Dieterle. I almost didn't go in and eat at Smokin Gold in Dahlonega, but I'm glad I did. Before heading out on a cycle ride in the mountains, I had Googled bbq joints around Dahlonega and picked Smokin Gold out cause I liked the name. When I pulled up to SG, I sort of was disappointed. It is located off one side of a convenience store in a mini strip mall, and that basically means the appearance has no "character". It may lack character in appearance, but seriously, this is the real deal. The barbecue is simply dang good. The sause is pretty near the perfect sweetness if you like it slightly sweet. The Brunswick stew can hold its own with about anyones. The stew has a great combination of meat, vegetables, and sauce to make it a winner. After meeting Dan, who is really a delight, and telling him what I was up to and that he'd be on my facebook page by nightfall, he invited me back in to taste his brisket. Yep, he's got that down right as well. The thing, though, that impressed me most is that Dan cooks everything, including the stew and baked beans, (except the butts that are cooked in an indoor smoker), on Green Eggs. Dan and Laurie, then, are accomplished eggheads that have a great place to stop in if you are in Dahlonega. If there is a negative, and you'll just have to get over it, is they don't do french fries. Deb had the cole slaw (which is a lot healthier), and she gave it fine ratings too. BTW, Dan does brisket "burnt ends" on Fridays and reports that he has folks lined up out the door.

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