Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twin Oaks in Brunswick, GA. You know this one is going to be special when you drive up to it. Don't think seafood is the only option on the coast, this long time establishment, nicely settled beneath the majestic, moss laden Live Oak trees on Norwich Street will fix your bbq craving. We arrived at 11 am, and early arrivers were already going in the door. Deb and I walked in and were greeted with the pleasant smell of smoked pork! This joint has been in business at this location since 1943. It's had several owners, and one thing that made this one so special is that for a time it was managed by our great friend Diane Giddens' father (John Studstill). Debbie was excited further after sitting down and could hear the distinct sound of "crushed" ice being scooped...and yes, it was "crushed". The drinks came out in "big old" glasses that nearly took two hands to hold. The pork sandwich was a good looking fixin, but the fries get the top billing just like John promised. These "batter dipped" fries are not matched in many places. I also had a side of bbq beans that had a nice mixture of pork in them. Oh my were they good. Honestly, the bbq was good, but I don't know that it get's but somewhere between a 3 and 4 on the q scale. It was clean and of good consistency, and it the sauce wasn't used to "hide" whatever the pork tasted like. No kidding, though, it was an ample sized meal brought to us by a waitress who had worked at this place for 34 years. Now that is loyalty. The character and historic content of the inside of the place was phenomenal. No doubt, there's been many a ton of smoked barbecue served in this great little joint deep in southeast Georgia.

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