Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shug's Barbecue, Eastman, GA

Shug's BBQ in Eastman. We lived in Eastman for about 7 years, and I always wondered why there was no good bbq joint there. Tommy Green has fixed that problem. Tommy, like every bbq joint owner I know, is such a super guy, and he does up good bbq too barbecuing right there on Oak Street across from the Bank of Eastman. For a mere $4 you can get a sandwich, chips, and drink. Tommy will also cater for your event, and his bbq is quite good. Most of all, I am glad that Eastman finally has a good BBQplace. Not much to the overhead, but heck, for a $4 meal, this may be the value of this whole bbq review inventory. Best thing is, stop by and see Tommy, and you'll have a fine new frined!

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