Friday, July 24, 2009

Scott's BBQ, Cochran, GA

Scott's BBQ in Cochran. I've eaten here more than any bbq joint. It is a family favorite. The bbq is great if you like vinegar based pork. If we spend more than 1 day in Cochran on our trips back "home", Scotts will get a visit. My favorite is when Doug has pulled pork available on Mondays and Thursdays. Best cheeseburgers anywhere. Debbie particularly loves Scotts because of their crushed ice. Let me also tell you about the tea. OMG!!! The sweetest tea in Georgia. The recipe for the Brunswick stew is a bit different than any I've found anywhere which makes it quite distinct. In the stew, you'll find an occasional spaghetti noodle in this quite creamy stew. Doug does up some mighty find ribs as well on this open pit joint. Folks in Cochran are loyal to no end to Scotts BBQ. Truly a central Georgia favorite among anyone who ever eats there once.

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